Rococo: The strategy-rich board game about dressmaking

The starting board will look something like this.
  • Get materials for dresses in the form of fabric, lace, or thread.
You must choose either the fabric OR the lace/thread. Top or bottom. Not both.
  • Hire a new employee, which means you get a new card to add to your assortment.
You spend money to buy an employee, but they cost less if there are fewer available.
  • Receiving the queen’s favor, which is this game’s method for allowing someone to be the first player for the next round.
The card just acts as a reminder for who the next start player is supposed to be.
  • Creating a dress using materials you already possess, which can then be sold for a lot of cash, or rented out and put in the mansion for end-of-game scoring
Creating a dress requires the materials on the token as well as the cash cost listed above it.
  • If dress-making isn’t all you’re interested in, you can spend cash to fund decorations for the ball that happens at the end of the game in the form of a fountain, statues, or musicians within the halls of the mansion.
The silver border around the money symbol denotes a decoration. Here, a pianist. There are many decorations on the board.
  • Deputing an employee, which here means to fire them/send them to serve the king in exchange for some cash. I fully admit I had never heard the word before playing this game.
Every player’s starting components are identical. Five cards, 16 marking tokens, 15 French Livre, a thread, and a lace.
The end of the game would look something like this, with many player tokens dotting decorations and garments in the mansion.



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Jakub Cernoch

Jakub Cernoch

Hello! I got my bachelor’s in journalism because I found myself with an express desire to write about games. That won’t be all I do, but it will be a lot of it.